anyone wanna trade?

Calendars... T_T Johnny why you do this to us?

asking in advance but im looking to trade the cards...
Chinen + Takaki for Tama + Nika
and Marius for Fuma
and Kento/Miyacchi for Kento (i just wanted to do this xD anyway its Nakaken/Miyacchi for Senga)
Im left with Takaki for Fuma right now.. :( anyone? ;u;

done. ^^ anyone wanna give me Taipi? LOL /gets bricked xD

well preferably Singaporeans...
but yeah, i dont mind people from other countries too~ :3

(actually kinda tempted to get the jr's calendr too... hsaljsd :( i cant imagine turning and not being able to see Jesse! or KishiYu! or SnowMan members! well if i cant get Fuma/Senga... i might consider...)


will be late >< im currently 2 weeks before my short school break and as you can expect...
deadlines T_T loads of them... :(
so i'll get down to doing the xmas cards... maybe after the 15th ><
so... people on the otherside of the world... you will most likely get it pretty late... =x
(aka non-asians)

Higuchi Yuta :)

As promised! Yuutan updates! :D

He won the "Photogenic" award which is actually the viewer's/audience choice award~ ^^
(well in someway, kinda like the 2nd runner up too xD)
btw Its also the award that Shouhei/Yusuke won before xD
(except Yusuke was 1st runner up too~ and Shouhei got the most wanted as lover award which they removed this year :( )

akshd he looks so different from when he did just a few months ago ;u;
(gets all onee-chan over him xD)

so yeah what you guys have been waiting for....
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leaving this post unlocked.
so if you know any Yuta fans and would like to guide them here, go ahead ^^

oh and if you guys wanna see his photos in the recent few Junon magazines~ here
(i only dont have the one which he first appeared in ^^")
f-list would have alr seen it. it's the one on my post before this :3

Godd Luck Yuutan!

No cut cause..... i dont want to >D

Its finally the day~

yes, in a couple of hours...
Yuutan bb will be fighting it out on stage~
at 24th JB finals~ (right thanks Arai for reminding me its tmr xD)
Ganbatte Yuutan! <333
(i love how he looks so goood in the latest picture! <3 and look! he grew taller by 2 cm~ LOL)

oh and his admired senpai is... SHOUHEI <333
you have good taste my dear~ xD
so come on Shouhei, show your senpai-side to Yuutan later k?
take good care of Yuutan k! xD
oh and Arai, please go interact with him too xD

i'll bring you news if i find out about anything~ ^^
*prays hard for him*

oh p.s
For SGeans who didint see my tweets,
Yusuke came to SG to shoot for his photobook~
He went to MBS/Chinatown/Flyer/ Clarke Quay and he went to eat chilli crabs xD
oh and his favourite shoot was at the hawker center... ORZ.
i thought people would usually complain how its so hot.. xD
hkajs so tempted to get his photobook now :(

oh i might be making a new journal soon cause i cant stand my messy tags here.. =x


under the cut in case some of you are waiting for your own and dontwant spoilers~ :3

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and i was thinking of dropping JE mags and buying only Junon from now on..
but yes.. the next issue of Myojo has to have Kisumai on their cover T_T
lets see how well i'll be resist throughout the year..



just here to show off my bias-es tgt >D
and Yabu sits like a boss xD
(with Tama not bothering about him again... xD)

Its fate i found this video i tell ya >D
I saw a cap of them, and i didnt see it on jweb/jnet and i thought it might be some JFC thingy~
then elindar told me it was from Takichan and we hunted high and low for it to no avail...
and i decided to try the main vid....
and THERE IT WAS xD (its at the end of the JinxTakki talk btw~ foor those who dont know ^^)
hehes, they were there waiting for me to find them! xD(<-wishful thinking lol)
:D i love seeing my biases together~ ahhh /happy girl~
gonna regret even more about not being able to go...
but oh wells, i hoope theres papapics of the 2 of them tgt *O*

and its Yabu's (and Inoo's) 10th anniversary in JE tomorrow!
shall think of something to do.. gahhhh! time flies!

Yabu { TV Life}

because i havent seen this anywhere...
i caved in and bought the mag in the end ;u;
(there goes my plan to save.. =x)
but ok, im a happy girl cause he looks damn haklhsjd >D


credit if reposting to anywhere else.
(just, no reposting to facebook. thanks)
 comments are greatly appreciated ^^


I'm backkkk~
well.. ok. at least for the next two weeks im pretty sure that i can ensure you that i will stick around ^^
I'll try my best to check through my f-list every day/ every other day :3
i cleared some unwanted stuff off my f-list so hopefully it makes checking easier 8D

i wanted to flail but i dont really know what to flail about, cause its all been some time ^^"
Of course there's ikemen flail :3
but i think its best you see me flail over at twitter as its showing xD
(i flail over at my flail account though. cause... i end up using CAPS alot xD)
and me bitching over Nana and Mio to stay away from my Ren-sama >D
(but y'know. i love Ren-sama and all.. but i really want and miss my Tamachan back :( )

anyway i've started using Tumblr where i'll be posting my scans~
well mainly non-je ones cause JE ones usually get scanned so there isnt a need for me to..
im still deciding if i should follow people...
cause i dont really need another website to check everyday =x
well its your luck if you can find me xD
(because.. seriously. it isnt hard to 8D)

anyway i'll make a proper post once i know what i want to write about... LOL.
in the meantime, im gonna slack for today~
although there's work for me to complete tomorrow :(


D-boys/D2 bromide pre-order

Hi !

since a couple of friends and I have been wanting to get D-Boys/D2 's bromides, i manage to find someone who is able to help us! ^^
(yes thank beccy_chan   8D)
Unfortunately, she'll be going back in October, so we'll only be able to get it till that month's..

For those who dont know, the bromides are released monthly and only available for that month.
Members of D-boys have 3 each, and the D2 member's have 2 each.

For a list of D-boys members : here
For a list of D2 members: here

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