January 31st, 2015


Semi-Friends Only

Hello, i do see some comments from awhile now and would just like to make an official note that my Livejournal is now DEAD.

Thank you all for your interest and wanting to make friends :) 

But i've switched fandoms and am mainly into anime/mobile games and abit of the Utaite fandom now. I no longer follow Johnny's as much now.

I can still be found on twitter if you would still like to be friends. But do drop me give me a shoutout or i may not add you back ^^;

Thank you!

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Hello! Just a little about me ^^
but i'm not on LJ anymore, so add me on twitter if you want to

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Im hardly on LJ right now... so yeah, if you want to be friends with me i guess its better to find me on twitter or weibo~
though do drop me a msg here to let me know or i wont add you back ^^;

Thanks and Yoroshiku! ^^