Kil-chan (xshun_vidoll) wrote,

[Preorder] HSJ 全国へJUMPツアー2013

Due to flight schedule changes, i wont be able to go early to queue, hence i have decided not to hold this preorder anymore.
i am sorry for any inconvenience caused >< friends who would still like to order from me can of course let me know. but the risk of stuff being oos is much higher. Thanks

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at AM 12.18.26

Pamphlet - 32SGD [8]
Clearfile [10 kinds] - 10SGD
Photoset [9 kinds] - 11SGD
Tshirt - 40SGD [8]
Tote Bag - 24SGD [5]
Muffler Towel - 22SGD [10]
Penlight- 24SGD [5]
Dome limited charm- $32SGD [5]

Please read
Please only order if you are willing to take the risk of it being Out Of Stock
goods were sold out pretty fast on the first day so im kinda worried
in this case, i will of course refund you fully

Sorry, i wont be taking any orders for the uchiwas/Shushus (so please do not ask me about them)
and please note that there is a limit to a couple of items (the
numbers in red indicates the number of slots left for that certain item)

I will be attending the 25th May concert in Osaka.
Meet ups will be from 3rd June onwards

Please fill up this form if you're interested,

Name: (so to better address you ^^)

Order: e.g
Clearfile [Yabu] x1
Penlight x1
Tote Bag x1

(as long as its something i can understand~ XD)


deadline: 18th May 2013

payment by bank transfer
collection by meet ups (preferably. but in any case, i can mail them out too. postage to be paid by you)

comments are screened for your privacy ^^

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